Our Services

Our team is committed to provide IT Services with:

Our services include:
• IT Services
• Project Management
• Consultancy
• Outsourcing
• Education / Training

IT Services
IT has high potential in terms of employment and revenue generation. The IT manufacturing sector is growing at an average rate of 28-30% annually over the past decade. Software industry continues to contribute a major portion of Indian IT industry's revenues. According to the IT vision of Govt. of India, the expected level of this by the end of year 2007-08 is expected to reach US$ 50 billion. With the dedicated and adroit employees at UNISENSE TECNOLOGY, it has been adept in assisting the growth of the nation in the field of Information Technology.

UNISENSE TECNOLOGY with its vision of quality and innovation has been successful in catering the needs of those who seek our assistance in following areas of IT enabled services:
1. Software Solutions
2. Web Solutions
3. Graphic & Multimedia Solutions
4. Networking Solutions
5. Quality Assurance & Testing
6. Application Maintenance & Support
7. Turnkey Solutions
8. Offshore development

UNISENSE TECNOLOGY Software Solutions has developed a number of products and MIS applications for its clients in this service. Our mature software development processes, combined with excellent infrastructure have significantly increased the “on-time and on-budget” delivery of software in the offshore mode. We use a highly effective IMPACT Methodology for offshore and distributed software development. Our services begin from analysis, moving through designing, development, testing and implementation to maintenance. Our applications come in all sizes, be it a one-table database, or a massive client-server application. The creation of complete database applications is yet another field that we specialize in.

We offer:
1. Application Development
• Interactive Application Development
• Custom Application Development/ Maintenance
• MIS and ERP Solutions & Support
2. Re-engineering

Networking Solutions
MARG Software Solutions can network your computers together by peer-to peer or using a server-based network and connect you to the Internet. We will help you secure a domain name, locate an Internet service provider, and configure your network for T1-T3, Dialup, DSL, Cable or connection sharing. We can establish remote access setups, which will help an employee, stay in touch with the workplace, irrespective of the geographical location.

We offer following networking services:
• Preparation of Network Architecture (Network protocol, Backbone at twisted wire, cable or optical fiber, Net topology, Hub/Switches, Conceptual Diagram etc).
• LAN/ WAN set-up.
• Corporate Intranets
• Network Administration.
• Windows NT/ Novell Netware/ UNIX/ Linux Server support.
• IIS Support and ORACLE/ SQL Server administration.